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We all have an endless reel in our heads of our favorite memories and our most cherished happenings. We remember the way our daughters twirled on their birthday, and the way we cried seeing our husbands kiss our children hello for the first time. What makes our memories spectacular is that they are different from each and everyone else's. It is our aim to capture the uniqueness of your happenings. From the quirky way your son likes to wear his clothes, to the shoes your husband refuses to change out of...it's all what makes them, them. We celebrate the quirks, the silly ones, the moods only you and yours can spot.  We celebrate the love in all of its perfectly imperfect perfection.


I am a wife and mother to three little loves. They rule my life. There is always a missing sock, a toy that "was mine first," and endless kisses whenever I need them. The existence of love is what motivates my work as a photographer. The curse of being a perfectionist has most definitely turned into one of my most valued assets. We will find the smile you recognize, the eyes you adore, and the hands you squeeze that are within your spectacular happening...even if it is a strategically planned one!



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