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For the Love of Baking!

When a fellow photographer contacts you about photos for her family it is always an exciting time. From the minute Christina messaged me about a mommy and me session with her babies, I knew it was going to be magical. Baking cookies is one of their favorite activities, so I knew we needed to document those precious moments.

The organic moments that unfold during documentary photo sessions in just a love in itself. Seeing children in their element with their favorite things is raw beauty. As a documentary photographer, it is my job to capture the beauty in everyday moments and if I say so myself, these photos do just that.

I am a boxed baker myself and have actually never baked from scratch. These kids have it down pat and really taught me a thing or two about baking during our time together. From eyeballing ingredients to taking a break to wash dishes, our time was filled with making priceless memories.

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